Friday, October 17, 2008

ESCI M4A1 Sherman

These old directions are from the AMT/ERTL release.

ESCI 3/4 Ton (4x4) Gun Motor Carriage

Full name: 3/4 Ton (4x4) U.S. 37 mm Gun Motor Carriage m6. Kit# 8040.

ESCI Fiat Ansaldo m13-40

Kit# 8030. This kit didn't turn out well for me. This suspension was fiddly and buckled. This was during my brief 'Oddball armies on the Russian Front' phase.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Emhar WW1 German Artillery

Not really a kit but in case you picked up some sprues in a Ziploc bag at a show or off eBay.
Kit #EM7204. The cannon is identified as a 96 n/A 76 mm gun. Read a review of this kit.

Airfix RAF Re8

Not the best scan. Kit #01076

Emhar Mk IV female