Monday, December 22, 2008

ESCI Bishop

For some reason I cut off one of the panels on this sheet (???) I don't know why. Hope this is enough to help.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Matchbox Stuart M3/A1 Honey

Pk-84. The original printing of these directions were faint to begin with.

Matchbox Krupp Protz Kfz. 69

Kit # PK-88. Pardon the dark spots around step 9--that's some panzer grey overspray when I was airbrushing this kit. The part number on top is 27, the bottom piece 48.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Matchbox Morris C8 Mk II

Kit PK-172. My personal all-time favorite. Of course, I'm a sucker for angled, pig-nosed British trucks. Use these little trucks as 15 cwt platoon trucks (the purist in me says not too) but until HaT makes them...

Hasegawa M3A1 Half Track

This kit has always been considered over-sized. Don't have other built kits to compare. Comments appreciated on this kit's scale accuracy.

Airfix 88mm Gun and Tractor

This is an old MPC kit. Never liked them, thought the plastic was too translucent and the artwork was never as nice without Airfix's logo on them.

Matchbox Monty's Caravan

PK-175 One of my favorite kits. I think it's a nice charicature of the British Army's vehicles--massive trucks (Bedfords/Scammels/ACE/Commers) and tiny Armoured Cars (Dingos/Humbers/Daimlers.)

Friday, October 17, 2008

ESCI M4A1 Sherman

These old directions are from the AMT/ERTL release.

ESCI 3/4 Ton (4x4) Gun Motor Carriage

Full name: 3/4 Ton (4x4) U.S. 37 mm Gun Motor Carriage m6. Kit# 8040.

ESCI Fiat Ansaldo m13-40

Kit# 8030. This kit didn't turn out well for me. This suspension was fiddly and buckled. This was during my brief 'Oddball armies on the Russian Front' phase.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Emhar WW1 German Artillery

Not really a kit but in case you picked up some sprues in a Ziploc bag at a show or off eBay.
Kit #EM7204. The cannon is identified as a 96 n/A 76 mm gun. Read a review of this kit.

Airfix RAF Re8

Not the best scan. Kit #01076

Emhar Mk IV female

Friday, September 26, 2008

Matchbox Churchill AVRE

PK-177. A great kit. A nice variation of the Churchill---not only a box girder bridge but a 'flying dustbin' to boot!

Matchbox Firefly

Matchbox A-34 MK-1 Comet

Kit PK-72. I have just one of these. Too late in the war--like the Pershing--to get some good battles going. I imagine isolated 16 or 45 year-olds with Panzerfausts taking them on.

I recall reading that these were issued to the British 11th Armoured about two weeks before the Germans launched the Ardennes offensive (Battle of the Bulge.) The 11th were drawn into the battle and swapped out their new Comets for their old Shermans because the crews wouldn't be familiar enough with them before they got into combat. (Shame these weren't in combat during Goodwood.) Thoughts, comments?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Airfix Crusader II/Crusader III

Revell German WW2 Artillery

This is to a soft-plastic kit. More information, especially on the gun can be found at Plastic Soldier Review.

Keil Kraft Thorneycroft 1 1/2 ton Parcel Van

I forget the manufacturer. They made a number of civilian vehicles for 00 scale model railroads. Mostly British - steam tractors, buses etc. If anyone knows the company, let me know. Thanks.

ESCI Sturmgeschutz III G

Airfix White Half-Track M3A1

Curious, the fenders are more like the lend-lease M5 used by the British/French/Soviets. (This is not a kit of the M5 as it would have rounded corners and welded sides instead of riveted.)

Airfix LTV 4 Buffalo & Jeep

Airfix GMC DUKW 353

Airfix Bren Gunner Carrier and 6 pdr. Anti Tank Gun

Curious that this is the only plastic kit of any of the British carriers. And it's showing its age. Isn't it time another manufacturer makes a more elegant version of this?